Dr. Andrea Pakula, MD, MPH, FACS, has a unique expertise in minimally invasive and robotic techniques and shares her knowledge with surgeons around the country. Continuing her goal to advance the world of healthcare and surgical education, Dr. Pakula presented at an interactive symposium hosted by Bard Davol in Houston, Texas last week.

Working with other leaders in the field, Dr. Andrea took part in an interactive symposium designed for fellows and general surgeons of robotic-assisted hernia repair. The symposium was an educational event meant to facilitate discussion on successful solutions for managing robotic ventral, inguinal and hiatal hernia repair along with demonstrating the proper management strategies of robotic-assisted hernia surgeries.

Friday morning’s presentations included reviews of preclinical and clinical data, science and technology of products, economics and advantages of robotic hernia repair.

Imparting her knowledge and extending the surgical education of her colleagues, Dr. Pakula spoke on biosynthetic mesh in challenging cases. Her knowledgeable presentation provided attendees with clinically useful information and guidelines for mesh usage in robotic-assisted hernia repair.

Dedicated to providing the most modern, evidence-based surgical care and minimally invasive techniques, Dr. Pakula continues to be a leader in her field through outstanding surgical care within her own practice and through her knowledgeable presentations around the country.